Yggdrasil Privacy Policy

This document entails the privacy policy and agreement you agree to upon authorizing any of the Bots to join your guild, being a member of a server that has authorized any of the Bots to join the guild, or using any of the Services listed.

Bots and Services

The following is a list of bots, services, and applications to which this privacy policy applies.


Data Collected Automatically

The bots and services do not currently automatically store any information, and all information is collected upon the use of a command, or enabling of a feature.

Data Collected by Command or Feature

The following information may be collected during the use of a command or the enabling of a feature, and temporarily stored in cache.

Data Sent by Command

The following information may be collected and is sent exclusively to Yggdrasil Staff only upon the use of a public bot command. (This content may be shared with Discord directly if required to do so due to violations of Discord's Terms of Service by end users of Yggdrasil and its related services.)

Data Not Stored or Collected

Data Storage

No data is stored permanently on servers, and is cleared automatically, or upon bot restart. Reported content is stored on Discord and is only accessible to Yggdrasil Staff and Discord.


Feedback on any and all provided bots and services is appreciated. When you submit comments, suggestions, bug reports, and any other forms of feedback, you forego any rights to the content, title, or intent of the provided feedback. Additionally, the feedback may be utilized in any way.


By adding any of these bots to your guild or using these bots or services in any way, you are consenting to the policies outlined in this document. In addition, you (the guild manager) are agreeing to inform your members of the Developer Terms of Service and the contents of this document. If you, the guild manager, do not agree to this document, you may remove the bot(s) from the guild. If you, the guild member, do not agree to this document, you may leave the guild that contains the bot(s). If you, the service user, do not agree to this document, you may revoke authorization of the application(s) in your 'Authorized Apps' menu.

Privacy Policy Feedback

Users can ask questions and submit feedback about this privacy policy on our support server here.