Phone Etiquette


Yggdrasil was built to be fun, but it needs your cooperation to help keep it fun for everyone.

Since the phones can connect you to all sorts of different people, try not to say anything insulting, discriminatory, or sexual. You never know who will be on the other end!

The phones are full of welcoming and friendly people! However, the phones are not for advertising or recruiting! People don't like telemarketers and marketing on real phone calls, and nor do the people on Yggdrasil!

If you make new friends with the phones, then go ahead and send them a friend request! Just make sure they're ok with it first. Nobody wants to add a friend just to get an ad from them.

Be yourself! Don't try to be anyone you aren't. Impersonation can be misleading and confusing. Yggdrasil Staff do use the phones, and Staff will have one of these icons:

Have fun! Jokes about calling a wrong number or ordering food are classics on Yggdrasil. See what else you can do to make people laugh!

The phones have many protections and filters to make sure calls are safe for users and servers. However, there's always the chance of users using the phones for malicious purposes! You can report calls through using --reportphone and our moderators will review the call!

Additional Information: Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply to communications through Yggdrasil. Individual server rules do not supersede Yggdrasil's Phone Etiquette for appropriate behavior and content on the phones. Yggdrasil's Privacy Policy can be viewed here.